Born in Fujian, China, Xu Bin 徐彬came over to Singapore to purse his studies. When he was 17, he discovered his passion for entertainment when he took part in Mediacorp Channel U’s singing competition – Campus Superstar. He immediately created an impression on the audience and judges and went on to emerge as one of the Top 20 finalist. He then took a break from the entertainment scene and went on to further pursue his studies.

Upon graduation in 2012, Xu Bin 徐彬 landed himself a role in local movie ‘Timeless Love’ ( 那个夏天), a movie directed by veteran director Lim Koong Hwee and local celebrity Dasmond Koh. From then now, his return to the entertainment scene began, or in fact, rocketed. The release of the ‘ Don’t Stop Believin’ ( 我们等你”) drama serial saw his popularity rose up immediately, in a rocket-speed manner, becoming an upcoming star that everyone is watching and talking about. With more onscreen appearances being casted on hand and in the pipelines, Xu Bin 徐彬 is definitely an exciting young star who is going to continue to take the local entertainment by surprise with its sparkles.



在2012 年,徐彬从淡马锡理工学院毕业 后,他很幸运的能参与有资深导演林坤辉和许振荣制作的电影“那个夏天”而开启了徐彬的演艺之路。“我们等你”播出后得到热烈回响,而徐彬的人气指数也随着上升。有了更多的机会,徐彬将会继续在演艺圈的发光发亮,带给大家更不一样的自己。